Regional Recycling Whistler – New Recycling Depot Construction Progress

Check out this great video “Regional Recycling Whistler – Construction Progress” by Green Marketing on Vimeo.

Our Regional Recycling location in Whistler is on the move, and on the grow! We thought it would be fun to show the progress of the new facility, so we’ve been collecting some photos and had a video of our progress.  Check out what we’ve done so far.

And, stay tuned – we’ll be having a Grand Opening Party when it is all done and we’d love for you to join us!

July 5

When we visited on July 5th the site was empty and no construction had yet started. But we were close! There was an excavator there to start clearing ground.

August 26

By August 26th the ground is now cleared & leveled, and the Carney’s* uncover area is starting to take shape. Carney’s shares this spot with Regional Recycling and is responsible for MMBC’s programs and garbage collection.

September 9

The Carney’s uncover area is complete. Excavators are working on Regional Recycling’s side to prepare for the concrete pour that will be the foundation and flooring of the bottle depot.

September 28

The concrete pour for Regional Recycling Whistler’s foundation takes place.

October 24

Crane time! The structure of Regional Recycling is forming. The beams and roof framing were put into place by two large cranes.

Regional Recycling Whistler New Depot Construction