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Are you looking for Recycling Pickup Service Vancouver? Regional Recycling has recently partnered with Mission Possible to help our customers with their recycling needs. For a small fee they will pick up your old electronics, scrap metal, appliances, and other recyclables from your home. Recycling Pickup Service Vancouver. See more about this service.

For The Past 20 Years Mission Possible has walked alongside people challenged by homelessness and poverty. Every day we provide street-level care for those with immediate and critical needs as well as create jobs that build a bridge to stability through a variety of enterprising ventures. Mission Possible is helping people renew a sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.

Our work can be summed up in these three words: People, Purpose, and Paycheque

 Recycling Pickup Service Vancouver


Mission Possible is a non-profit organization in Vancouver, British Columbia providing opportunities for people challenged by homelessness and poverty. In providing street-level assistance like nutrition, clothing, crisis counseling, referrals and spiritual support, we have learned that real transformation and lasting change always happens from the inside out and the bottom up.

There is an untapped human potential that goes undetected amongst the poor and homeless in our cities. Most people see communities like Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside as overly challenged. While true in many respects, these communities are often equally under- challenged. People simply lack available opportunities.



Mission Possible is helping people achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.

By providing opportunities for people to engage in paid as well as unpaid work, we discovered that it is a myth that people challenged by homelessness and poverty lack desire to work. Most are simply struggling for an opportunity—eager and ready to trade dependency for opportunity any day of the week. While challenges and barriers remain so does a stubborn desire for a sense of purpose and a hope to contribute to the world in a meaningful way.

Everyone needs ‘something’ that gets them out of bed in the morning—a sense of purpose for their day. We were created to work. When the work is good and meaningful we experience dignity as the best payment for our effort. Along the way, by helping others we often find help for ourselves.



Mission Possible is creating jobs that lead people to lasting change. Working works! It’s not enough offer a seat in front of a computer to browse job postings, or attend a class about interview skills, or even polish a resume—our people need a job today that is flexible and supportive, where they are given an onramp to employment success. This job provides a context for self-learning and confidence building. A paycheque is a bridge to stability.

The fact is…we can’t create jobs fast enough—people want to work!


People ~ Purpose ~ Paycheque

Mission Possible is a Christian humanitarian agency that transforms lives by helping those challenged by homelessness and poverty achieve a renewed sense of dignity and purpose through meaningful work.