Recycling During COVID-19

We’re working hard to keep recycling during COVID-19 safe!

Many of our clients rely on returning their beverage containers for immediate refunds because these refunds provide the money they rely on for their daily existence. Closing our doors would mean thousands of our clients would lose the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families.

We believe we are providing an essential service for these clients, and for our community partners, and we are committed to staying open in order to continue to serve.

We are following the Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Canada as outlined on the Government of Canada website and ask that our clients practice the same.

We have a Covid-19 Response in place at all of our depots, and more importantly, our staff feel safe and wish to continue serving our customers. Some of the measures we have undertaken are:

Physical Distancing:

  • Every other parking stall is closed.
  • Parking lots are supervised and parking is only allowed in alternate stalls to ensure physical distancing from other clients.
  • All sorting must be done on carts outside.
  • Inside depot sorting tables are closed.
  • Each public area is limited to 5 customers at a time.
  • Physical boundaries are taped No Go Zones around Point of Sale systems.
  • Cash is dispensed by ATM that is sanitized frequently.
  • Our carts are 5ft long and everyone is advised about Physical Distancing.

Additionally, all carts are disinfected after each use and we have ensured we have adequate safety supplies for all staff.

To further ensure the safety of our clients and our team, we’re asking all clients to note the following requirements:

  • Ensure PHYSICAL DISTANCING: All staff and customers are to keep a 6ft distance (at least 1 cart’s length) from each other during all interactions.
  • Do NOT visit our depots if you have been out of the country or if you are feeling ill.
  • WASH or SANITIZE HANDS frequently using our hand sanitizing stations.
  • AVOID touching your face.
  • If you must cough or sneeze while on our properties, cover your nose and mouth fully with your sleeve.
  • If you would like to donate your beverage containers to one of our community partners, please drop your bagged containers off at one of our participating depots.
    • We are currently supporting BackPack Buddies, a local charity dedicated to alleviating childhood hunger.

The health of our clients and our team is our top priority during this unprecedented time. We are doing our very best to ensure the safety of our service that so many in our communities rely upon.

Community first – together we can continue to make a difference.

Regional Recycling - Recycling your refundable beverage containers during COVID-19