Recycle Smoke Alarms – Find out How!

You should recycle smoke alarms rather than throwing them into the trash. This is due to the real possibility they may contain a very small amount of radioactive material. They are completely safe under all normal conditions including during a fire, But, because of the presence of the radioactive materials, you need to recycle them! 

We work with the team at Product Care / Regeneration for our Smoke Alarm Recycling program. Learn more about Regeneration and their BC Smoke Alarm program.

How Do Smoke Alarms Get Recycled?

  • Customers drop broken smoke alarms at any of our Regional Recycling Bottle Depots.
  • Our team packages the alarms and sends them to a 3rd party for sorting and recycling.
  • After removing and storing the hazardous materials, the harmless smoke alarms head back into the recycling process.
  • Large machines crush the smoke alarms into small pieces.
  • Sorters then separate the pieces into metal & plastic.
  • The plastic from the smoke detectors creates new items.
  • Then finally, the metals from the recycled smoke detectors become new metal products.

Did you know that smoke alarms not only save lives, they protect against injury and loss due to fire? The death rate due to fire in homes with working smoke alarms is 51% less than the rate for homes without. This means that when you have a working smoke alarm it reduces the chances of dying in a fire by half.

Recycle your smoke alarms at any of our Regional Recycling locations in the Lower Mainland, Whistler, and Nanaimo!