Raising Money For Your Charity

Raise Over $1000 For Your Charity!

Raising Money For Your Charity Has Never Been Easier. 

Regional Recycling is inviting charities to work with us raising money for your charity.

We’re the cleanest, family friendly one-stop recycling shop in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley. Our main business is providing a bottle return service where customers exchange beverage containers for a full deposit. Some of these people choose to donate their refunds to a cause in their community.  

We select one charity each month to promote to our customer base.  Five of our participating depots collect donations for a month. Then, once we have calculated the refund, we simply hand you a cheque for the total amount donated.  This is a simple way to raise a little extra money for your charity. You could raise over $1,000 in just one month! Plus, you get free advertising on our website and social media.

We are taking applications for charities that would like to partner with us. We’ll consider charities that focus on children in the Greater Vancouver Area and the Fraser Valley. If you are looking for partners in raising money for your charity, click here to apply!

raising money for your charity with regional recycling's donation binsHow our monthly donation bins work:

  • Each Lower Mainland & Fraser Valley Regional Recycling location hosts one bin per month. (Note that our Whistler and Nanaimo Depots are not included in the program.)
  • You give us all images, photos and info required to create signs, social media, and blog posts.
  • Regional Recycling creates a sign for the donation bin and places it inside our depot.
  • We’ll promote your charity on social media.
  • You cross-promote using your social media channels to maximize donations.
  • Donation bins are available for a 1-2 month periods.
  • At the end of the month, we count the donated containers and calculate the refund.
  • The full amount of the donations collected is given to the partner charity.
  • Each location has only one donation bin per month to ensure you get the most exposure.
  • Donation bins are on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Customers reserve a donation bin by contacting Regional Recycling using the form below.
  • Regional Recycling may increase or decrease the how long a bin is used at their own discretion.
  • Charity partners agree to have pictures taken with the BIG CHEQUE for promotional purposes.

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