Gift of Warmth – Summer Edition

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Join us for the Gift of Warmth – Summer Edition

Our Vancouver Regional Recycling Depot services a high number of ‘Binners’, people who make their living pulling recyclable materials – particularly beverage containers – from the garbage and returning them to us for the deposit refunds.

These individuals do a great service for our community and for our environment. They go through other people’s trash to make sure that items that should not end up in landfills are returned to the recycling loop.

It’s not a pretty task, and many who undertake this activity are from our most at-risk populations. Often the money made from returning beverage containers does not cover what many of us consider to be the bare necessities – warm clothes for winter, clean undies and a haircut.

A number of years ago our Vancouver bottle depot manager Jason Smith suggested to owner Rod Lotzkar that he would like to do something to support this group of customers beyond the hot coffee and gift certificates he was already providing. Rod quickly agreed and the ‘Gift of Warmth’ was born.

Gift of warmth - summer edition

Initially a winter undertaking, where we collect warm winter clothing, this year we decided to add a summer edition that will include haircuts!

Donate Now: From now until Aug 17th we will be collecting the following items:

Donate your refundable beverage containers – The proceeds from these containers will be used to buy new socks & underwear for our Binner clients to ‘shop’ in our depot.

Donate new socks & underwear – If you’d prefer to buy socks and underwear to donate to our ‘store’, we’re good with that. Just drop your donations off at our Vancouver Regional Recycling Depot located at 960 Evans Ave. (That’s just off Terminal by the overpass)

Donate gently worn clothing – We’re also accepting donations of gently used clothing. Primarily for adult males, the items we need are t-shirts, windbreakers, shoes and light pants.

Join us for a free BBQ

On August 18th we will hold a free public BBQ where our Binners can ‘purchase’ (bring in their beverage containers for a free haircut coupon) a haircut provided by our partners – the Vancouver Community College Barber program. We’ll have all-beef hot dogs, some fresh fruit donated by SPUD! and the Binners will be able to shop our ‘store’ to stock up on socks, underwear and other donated summer clothing items.

We’ll be joined by The Binner’s Project, Mission Possible and Working Gear; great local organizations working hard to support this community. We’d love for you to join us, to meet all of these wonderful organizations and have a hot dog!

We look forward to seeing you at our Vancouver Regional Recycling Depot soon! Stop by to bring in your donations, your beverage containers and all of your household recycling.

Gift of Warmth - Summer Edition - Regional Recycling