Encorp Return It to Win It Contest 2017

Starting June 16th 2017  the Encorp Return-It to Win It Contest is back!  They’ve been hard at work making improvements to the program and we’re excited to participate in the 2017 contest. Once again ticket holders can go to www.ReturnItToWinIt.ca to play.

How to Play Encorp Return It to Win It Contest

Every time you bring in your refundable beverage containers to any of our 8 Regional Recycling Bottle Depots from June 16, 2017 to September 15, 2017, you receive a Return-It to Win-It scratch ticket. Follow the instructions on the ticket and you could win $25,000 cash or one of 5,000 gift cards!

Or, you could try to beat these guys in a staring contest. Your choice.

Encorp return it to win it puppets


Encorp Return it to Win it – GAME 1

Encorp Return it to win it scratch card at regional recycling

SCRATCH & WIN – Instant winners!

When you return your empties to one of our depots you will receive a scratch ticket. Using a coin or another hard edge item, scratch the box to reveal images of the Return-It Gang and prize descriptions. Match 3 identical images and instantly win a prize from Encorp. (Prizes are not awarded at our depots)

To redeem prizes or bonus ballots you need to sign up to the ENCORP Contest. Sign-up here (or if you are already signed-up, log-in).

Encorp Return it to Win it – GAME 2

Encorp's return it to win it tickets available at regional recycling


When you return refundable beverage containers to one of our Regional Recycling Depots you will receive your game card. Using a coin, gently scratch the PIN box to reveal your unique PIN.

Sign-up or log-in to the Encorp Contest website (https://www.returnittowinit.ca/), enter your PIN, and you could either Instantly Win daily $10 Gift Card Prizes, or earn ballot entries for chances to win their Grand Prize, $25,000 cash!

The more PINs you enter, the better your chances to win! Bring your refundable beverage containers to us, and get your chances to win!

Please note that this is an ENCORP Contest. Our Regional Recycling Depots are participants in the program, but in no way administer the program. Any questions, comments or concerns about the contest should be addressed to ENCORP.

Have fun, and GOOD LUCK!