Deposit Rate Increase

Effective November 1st, 2019 you will see a deposit rate increase at all of our Regional Recycling locations!

All containers that were previously worth 5 cents are now worth 10 cents. That’s right, the deposit value on those containers is DOUBLE! And, because we refund the full deposit value when you recycle with us, we’re going to give you back ALL of it when you recycle with us.

That’s a really big change, and means a lot more change in YOUR pockets! This will make a big difference to all sorts of people and organizations that depend on collecting refundable beverage containers for their funding needs.

All of the 5 cent containers noted in our Can I Recycle This Container blog are now worth 10 cents! (The blog has some great information on other containers you might not be recycling, so it’s worth the read!)

What the deposit rate increase means for bottle drives:

This is great news for anyone who does bottle drives! With the increase in the deposit value you could raise up to $4,000 in as little as 4 hours.

We’ve always given you the best value on your bottle drives by providing FREE pick up and FULL refund, and now with the deposit rate increase, you are going to raise a lot more money! That’s a lot more money for your team, your organization or your school!

Check out our bottle drive page for more information, a fundraising success kit and details on our Bottle Drive Contest!

School recycling programs just got more valuable with the deposit increase!

Speaking of schools, just think of what the deposit rate increase means for your school!

The Abbotsford School District raised over $25,000 per year BEFORE the deposit rate increase, and your school district can easily raise that much and more, a LOT more now that the deposit values of small containers has DOUBLED!

Our School Recycling Program provides free scheduled pickups and collection materials to help ensure your school’s fundraising success. Plus, we have a recycling CONTEST that Learn more about signing your school up for our school recycling pickup program.

Company collection programs

Does your company or organization have a collection bin for small recyclable containers? Connect with us to discuss your recycling volume. You could be a part of our Commercial Recycling Program where you’ll get FREE pickup and Full deposit refund. Your social fund could get a lot bigger!

No matter what you do with your empty beverage containers, the deposit rate increase means BIG THINGS! Connect with us today, or stop by one of our 8 Regional Recycling locations throughout the lower mainland and on Vancouver Island. We look forward to seeing you soon.