Regional Recycling Cloverdale – Recycling Depot Event

Did you join us for our Cloverdale Recycling depot event? We had a pancake breakfast celebrating Fire Prevention Week and Waste Reduction week, and were joined by a lot of hungry people recycling their smoke alarms and lighting products for a chance to win $250. If you did join, thanks for coming! It was a great and yummy success! If you missed it – you missed a good one!

We want to send out special thanks to our sponsors, ReGeneration and Electrorecycle! And, to the Cloverdale Fire Department who stopped by with the “big truck” and provided truck tours for our event! Great to have you!

As always, we were joined by Dana the amazing painter, who was a favorite for kids of all ages!

Thank you again for joining us! We enjoyed meeting you, and hope to see you again soon! We are working hard to be your favorite, best recycling facility – your one stop recycling shop!

Regional Recycling Cloverdale Pancake Breakfast