Can I recycle this container? Some surprising answers!

“Can I recycle this container?” is a question we often get asked. It seems that everyone knows you can recycle plastic bottles, pop cans and beer bottles in BC for a deposit refund! But did you know that these items shown below can be recycled too?

Milk and milk substitute containers

Ok, you don’t get any money back for recycling these. (That’s because you don’t pay a deposit when you purchase them.) But hey, that doesn’t mean they should go in the garbage or trash! Since these containers are recyclable, bring them to us the next time you do your other recycling.

Can I recycle this container - can I get a refund on this container

Juice boxes of all sizes

Juice boxes can all be recycled, and you receive a deposit refund for all of them. How much you get back depends on the size of the box. The refunds range from 5  – 20 cents per container, so it can add up! If your family drinks a lot of juice you could be throwing money out the window if you don’t recycle these!

Regional Recycling can I recycle this containerJuice Cans over 1 Liter

Juice cans are recyclable (leave the label on if you want a deposit refund). One Litre juice cartons and juice bottles are worth 20 cents a piece, so collect those to bring in to us too! Encorp’s rules are pretty strict about the labels – they have to be left on if you want a deposit refund on your juice tins.

Can I recycle this container

Wine boxes

Yes, that’s right. Wine in a bag containers are recyclable too, and you get 20 cents per when you bring them in for recycling.

Can I recycle this container - regional recyling shows you what your containers are worth in BC

Were you adding things up in your head as you read this info? I certainly was as I wrote it! In our small 2 person household, we have over $5 a month in containers that we toss into our blue bins without a thought as to how much they are worth. While a small amount, it certainly adds up. The good thing is that at least we put them in our blue bins…

Many people don’t know that some of these containers are recyclable, and end up throwing them in the garbage!

Next time you ask yourself “Can I recycle this container?” remember this graphic or save the link to our what you can recycle web page.

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You can also find more information on Encorps beverage recycling page.

We have recycling locations in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Cloverdale (Surrey), Richmond, Nanaimo, Vancouver and Whistler.