Can I Recycle my … ? Obscure Items you Can Recycle

Can I recycle my …? List of obscure products you can recycle at Regional Recycling

“Can I recycle my …?” is a question that we hear, often! Recycling has gotten a lot more sophisticated in the last number of years, and the items that you can recycle has grown considerably. It seems there are far more things that you can recycle than ones that you can’t these days. Or maybe that’s just our perception because you can recycle all of these items with us!

Earlier this year we published a post about container recycling called: ‘Can I recycle this container?’ where we shared container recycling information. We’d now like to share some information on some other items that you can recycle that may surprise you.

We’d like to thank ReGeneration for providing this list. They are a stewardship that manages the recycling of all the products below.

Can I recycle my ... ? Regional Recycling Paint related products
Paint-related products

By now, many people know that paint can be recycled. There are also a lot of other paint-related items that can be recycled as well. For example, you can recycle:

  • already empty paint containers
  • deck coatings
  • non-tar based driveway sealer
  • wood finishing oil
  • primers and undercoats


Household Hazardous Waste related products

Generally speaking, we all tend to view household hazardous waste products like the ones listed below as non-recyclable. I know that I did. But, these products can be recycled, and due to their extremely hazardous to the environment nature, they should be!

  • camping fuel
  • paint thinner
  • bbq lighter fluid
  • fondue fuel
  • acetone

Can I recycle my lights Regional Recycling
Lighting related products

We are all pretty aware of the fact that light bulbs and lighting fixtures can all be recycled. But there are some more obscure items that are lighting related that can be recycled as well.

  • bike lights
  • chandeliers
  • Christmas lights
  • solar-powered lights
  • UV/germicidal bulbs


Can I recycle my Smoke Alarm - Yes at Regional Recycling!


Smoke alarm products

If you are familiar with Regional Recycling you likely have seen our blog post on how to recycle smoke alarms. We’ve also sponsored a contest or two to encourage recycling them too! Due to the fact that smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms have a small amount of radioactive material in them, these items really do need to be recycled with us!

  • smoke alarms
  • carbon monoxide alarms


Can I recycle my Clocks and watches? yes, at Regional Recycling!


Small home appliances

Generally speaking, if it plugs in it can be recycled. While we recommend donating working items, and repairing worn items if they are beyond repair you need to recycle your small electronic devices in all areas of your home!

This includes your small kitchen appliances like:

      • bread makers
      • chocolate fountains
      • egg cookers
      • panini presses
      • yogurt makers
      • waffle irons
      • airbrush equipment for makeup or cake decorating
      • pod coffee makers
      • Clocks and watches can all be recycled too!
      • grandfather clocks
      • wrist watches
      • robotic vacuums


Can I recycle my Craft Items? Yes, at Regional Recycling!


Can I recycle my craft equipment?

Yes! If you are a crafty sort, your old crafting items can be recycled too!

      • embroidery, knitting, and sewing machines
      • yarn ball winders
      • glue guns
      • pottery wheels

Even these odd little items are recyclable!

      • bug racket zappers
      • fog machines
      • rock drillers
      • drills

Can I recycle my Exercise Equipment and Sports stuff? Yes, at Regional Recycling!

And so are other sports and hobby related products like:

      • cycling and elliptical machines/treadmills
      • golf or baseball swing analyzers
      • scuba masks
      • pool alarm systems
      • binoculars and telescopes

Can I recycle my scale, electric toothbrush & other Personal Care items? Yes, At Regional Recycling!


We all have all kinds of personal care items that can be recycled when they reach the end of their life. There are probably one or two of them hiding in your washroom vanity!

      • flossing devices
      • hot rollers for hair
      • food and bathroom weight measurement scale
      • clothing steamers

*Products must be electric, with a power cord, or have battery capacity

Can I Recycle my Tools and outdoor equipment? Yes, at Regional Recycling!


All types of outdoor home maintenance items can be recycled, and now that summer is gone we might as well see what tools can be recycled!

      • ice drills
      • lawn aerators
      • pressure washers
      • mulchers
      • garden shears
      • snow blowers
      • wood splitters


Can I recycle my Appliances? Yes, At Regional Recycling!


Most people know to recycle large appliances, but did you know that your built-in and portable appliances can also be recycled?
(complete list of products here)

      • trash compactors
      • room and portable air conditioners
      • food waste disposers
      • range hoods and downdrafts
      • wine coolers / beverage centers / beer kegs with cooling/preserving/dispensing functions


All of these items listed above can be recycled at one of our 8 Local Regional Recycling Bottle Depots near you! Stop by with your recycling and learn why we are your One Stop Recycling Shop! We look forward to serving you soon.