Aunt Leah’s Place – Charity Of The Month

Donate beverage containers to support Aunt Leah’s Place Independent Lifeskills Society

For over 25 years, Aunt Leah’s Place has been helping prevent kids in foster care from becoming homeless and young mothers in need from losing custody of their children. To support them on their journey to self-sufficiency, we provide supported housing, job training, education support and coaching on essential life skills. We believe every individual deserves to feel safe, cared for, and have a sense of belonging. Unfortunately, this is not a reality for many teens in the foster care system. When they “age out” of government care at 19, they find themselves completely alone. Aunt Leah’s Place often provides the only thread of care and continuity for youth whose lives are marked by abuse, neglect, abandonment and multiple foster home placements. Over the years, we have seen how support at this critical time can help these young people realize their potential while becoming resilient, independent adults. Donate today to support youth on their journey from foster care to self-sufficiency. Click here to learn more about Aunt Leah’s Place

Where can I Donate My Beverage Containers?

You can donate your beverages containers to benefit this wonderful cause at any of our Regional Recycling locations.

Aunt Leah’s Place - Charity of the month