5 Reasons to book your next bottle drive with Regional Recycling!

Did you know the best time for bottle drive fundraising is after celebration events and holidays, such as Christmas, New Years, and the Super Bowl? And, with the deposit value increase in the fall of 2019, you can raise a lot of money in a very short time!

Bottle Drives are a great way to raise money and recycle, and we want to be your choice as a fundraising partner. Here’s why:

Our largest bottle drive raised almost $15,000!


We provide maximum results for your bottle drive fundraising:

  • FULL REFUNDS on all of the bottles you return,
  • FREE PICK UP at your location of all sorted items,
  • HELP with bottle drive organization through ONLINE videos & checklists, and in-depot supplies
  • ADDED CASH for your fundraising totals – CONTESTS & Random Draws


Bottle drives are an excellent way to raise money for community groups, schools, and other youth groups. They help to rally a community around a common cause by asking your friends, family, neighbors and other community members to collect their recyclable beverage containers and donating them to your cause.

Regional Recycling President Rod Lotzkar says: “We pay out more than $250,000 annually for bottle drives. These drives are often conducted by youth groups and charities and actively involve the kids. The average 12-15 kids with 6 parents can raise over $800 in 4 hours.”


Other bottle depots often deduct a SERVICE FEE up to 10%, which means less money to your cause. Those pennies add up! Book with us and get 100% of what you collect.


We’ll come and pick up all of your containers at the end of your day for FREE. You don’t have to coordinate getting your containers to a depot for your refund.

When we pick up, our drivers will calculate the total for your drive and give you your cheque right then and there.


While not labor-intensive, having a successful drive does require some planning and organization. We can help!

We have ONLINE instructional videos, checklists, materials, and supplies you can download to help you with your drive. And, our 8 Regional Recycling locations are ready, willing and eager to help you make your next bottle drive a huge success! We’ll even let you host your drive at many of our locations!


To top it all off, we have bottle drive contests that are open to absolutely everyone who has a bottle drive with Regional Recycling. The top fundraisers automatically win a $1,000 prize, and we have random drawings for $500. Just think of how terrific it would be to win those EXTRA funds!

Bottle drive fundraising has never been easier!

Bottle drives at Regional Recycling